Adfero Team Members to Present at Drupal GovCon 2015

On Friday, July 24, Adfero’s John Jones and Chris Neigh will be presenting on user-centered design (UCD) for government websites.

What Leaders Know About Real Change

Good to Great author Jim Collins describes change as a flywheel: a heavy disk that’s tough to move at first but gains momentum with each push until it whirs forward effortlessly. This post discusses some approaches to propelling your own team, members, constituents or customers toward change.

Your August Reading List, Courtesy of Adfero

In anticipation of your upcoming trip or staycation, Adfero team members have submitted a few of their top “beach read” recommendations (think more leadership and management insight, less Janet Evanovich).

3 Content Mistakes That Are Killing Your Brand

So your brand is producing content. How’s it working for you?

Adfero Welcomes Creative Director Amanda Markmann

With more than 12 years of experience in the overlapping fields of graphic design, advertising and communications, Amanda is excited to bring her talents to Adfero (and we’re thrilled to have her).

ACC Launches Native Ad Game-Changer

This week, the American Chemistry Council (ACC) joined the company of elite content creators with an interactive, originally reported sponsored story on

Revitalizing the Annual Report with Digital

Infographics, interactive charts, video – all of these engaging digital elements can turn a report into an experience.

How to Win in a Polarized Washington

We live in an era where media is extraordinarily fragmented. Agenda shaping happens not only on cable networks but now on social networks. Public opinion is, for better or worse, shaped by thousands of micro conversations.

A Case for Doing the (Tough) Work of Branding

Good branding feels intuitive. Paradoxically, branding is rarely a breezy, uncomplicated process; it requires a disciplined balance between creativity and logic.

Introducing Our Newest Team Members

Per our tradition, we’ve asked the newcomers to share something interesting or unique about themselves.