Adfero VP Meghan Moran Selected as Finalist for the 2015 PR News PR People Awards

This award celebrates PR leaders and creative practitioners who are innovating and succeeding in the marketplace.

Understanding How Social Media Impacts SEO

Whereas Search Engine Optimization (SEO) used to be all about keywords and inbound links, social media has become equally (if not more) important for organizations looking to boost their search page rankings.

Engaging Association Members Year-Round with a Mobile App

What if you could have a single app that enables you to effectively engage with your member base throughout the year? One that allows you to update information for each event you host; that could provide members with the latest industry news; and could empower members to take action on legislative issues via real-time push alerts?

Instagram Introduces Real-Time Ad Performance Tools

Though Instagram advertising options have been available to select brands for about nine months, there was no way to measure ad performance in real-time — until now.

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hitting “Post” or “Tweet”

Anyone who manages a Twitter feed or Facebook Page knows just how often these platforms shift and change, and how important it is to stay current on the latest strategy.

Introducing…Jean, Phil and Shari

New Adfero team members: who is the proud owner of an award-winning dachshund, who is an ‘Apple snob’ and who woke up late this morning? Read on to find out.

Form Letters Are Still Relevant When Communicating with Congress

For advocacy organizations, it is critical to understand two misconceptions: first, handwritten letters do not wield more influence on a member than email letters; and second, “form” emails and letters are not necessarily inferior to personalized ones, particularly when message volume is taken into consideration.

Remembering Chris Battle: One Year Later

Notorious for his quick wit and charming personality, Chris’s loss was felt deeply by Adfero team members and countless others who had the good fortune of knowing him.

3 Common Email Marketing Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

Mastering email marketing is an art, not a science. But certain mistakes are largely avoidable if the right actions are taken.

Don’t Call It a Blog…

Blogs are one way to visibly organize content, but smart communicators recognize that there’s a much broader content marketing ecosystem at play. People are seeking and finding content differently than they used to; this means that how we categorize, organize and serve content must evolve as well.