Decking the Halls with Digital: How Brands are “Treating” Customers During the Holidays

In an economy where shoppers may still be hesitant to spend, retailers have become more resourceful when engaging audiences. Luckily, digital and social platforms are encouraging people to keep the apps on their smartphones open – even as they may be keeping their wallets closed.

Reviewing the Adfero 8: Did We Hit the Mark? (Part 1 of 4)

Did the single-scroll website “experience” endure in 2014? Do humorous and heartwarming stories prevail over snark and/or negative fare?

Reviewing the Adfero 8: Did We Hit the Mark? (Part 2 of 4)

Should communicators “pursue the front page” in 2014? Did government inefficiency cause more for-profit businesses to initiate social change this year?

Reviewing the Adfero 8: Did We Hit the Mark? (Part 3 of 4)

Did the demand for native advertising options increase this year? Did the “Internet of Things” come into play for communications professionals?

Reviewing the Adfero 8: Did We Hit the Mark? (Part 4 of 4)

Will communicators with multi-disciplinary skill sets be better off in the job market? Did the concept of “breaking the fourth wall” explode over the past year?

New Hires at Adfero: Fall/Winter Edition

We’ve asked our newest team members – Jessica, Olivia, Kelsey and Misty – to answer some seasonally-appropriate “get to know you” questions.

Cut These 8 Words for Stronger Writing

It’s never too late to improve your writing style.

Personas: Communicators’ Secret Weapon

A persona is a tool that, when used strategically, can help designers and content creators both understand and empathize with their audience. Sound great so far? Let’s look into some other practical reasons to employ personas into your organization.

Adfero’s Recent Open Source Contribution

This past quarter, while we’ve been busy building some great sites for our clients, we’ve had the opportunity to give back to the open source community by posting some code fixes and new modules.

Multimedia Storytelling – Does Your Organization Have What It Takes?

Good content is not about simplicity – it’s about sophistication. Consumers want excellent, interactive content that tells a good story with today’s technology in mind.