Revitalizing the Annual Report with Digital

Infographics, interactive charts, video – all of these engaging digital elements can turn a report into an experience.

How to Win in a Polarized Washington

We live in an era where media is extraordinarily fragmented. Agenda shaping happens not only on cable networks but now on social networks. Public opinion is, for better or worse, shaped by thousands of micro conversations.

A Case for Doing the (Tough) Work of Branding

Good branding feels intuitive. Paradoxically, branding is rarely a breezy, uncomplicated process; it requires a disciplined balance between creativity and logic.

Introducing Our Newest Team Members

Per our tradition, we’ve asked the newcomers to share something interesting or unique about themselves.

Is Your Website Ready for Google’s Latest Algorithm Change?

Beginning April 21, Google’s search algorithm will favor mobile-friendly websites. The good news? Most modern websites are mobile-friendly to begin with.

Introducing Our Brand New Website & Logo

Don’t worry. We’re still the same Adfero.

Our New & Improved Office

Our space has undergone some exciting changes in the last few months.

Influence Marketing: Why It’s Essential and Where to Start

Important conversations about your brand, industry and/or issue are happening every day both online and offline. Is your organization driving those discussions? Do you know who is?

ICYMI: Integrating Social and Content Advertising for Maximum Impact

Paid promotion tools increase your organization’s reach dramatically – and they don’t have to be costly.

History Telling and Brands

When brands connect their founding story to the expression of their brand today, consumers lean in and listen a little more.